Thursday, May 17, 2012


As the last day of Internet Week NYC, I was thrilled to hear Shane Smith, the founder of Vice, speak in person. He's the bloke I mentioned who got into North Korea to film footage of grim reality censored by the country (see previous post). He talked about "TV being shit." And rather than "internet being a derivative of that shit", his challenge was for quality, relevant content in media, particularly online. He referred to revolts, tensions, and news of Pakistan, India, Greece, and Africa involving "young people" and the disconnect of that reality from what makes headlines in U.S. news: Two and a Half Men move from Monday to Thursday.

As provocative, entertaining, and interesting the content is on, I'm most inspired by his recognition of the need for us to be more aware, on individual and global levels. In his words, we may or may not care if "Pakistan was blazed flat into a parking lot." But it will affect us, whether we like it or not. Even with tech saavy change of times, it still seems no man is an island...

{photo above by shirtisfly}

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Internet Week NYC!

Happy NYC Internet Week! Located in Soho, the week is filled with tech-savvy creatives sharing their visionary, digital insights. Attended some refreshingly inspirational sessions today, including a Keynote Conversation with David Karp, founder/CEO of Tumblr. Like Facebook's Zuckerberg and Etsy founder Kalin, Karp, in his casual hoodie and jeans, joins the group of incredibly young and successful media transformers. Check out the details here.