Monday, November 23, 2009

Inflation Night!

Macy's Thanksgiving parade in NYC is nationally broadcast and celebrated by New Yorkers and visitors alike. Preparation of the gigantic helium balloons happens on Thanksgiving Eve. As one of New York's "best kept secrets", Inflation Night still draws thousands of people braving the cold to watch the balloons come to life.

Located in Upper West Side, Central Park West, the side streets of the Museum of Natural History 77th and 81st St. become helium central for all to watch. The event starts from 3pm and is open to the public until 10pm 11/25th, Thanksgiving Eve. A great event to see with family & friends! Enjoy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Advertising in Action

With 21.9 million viewers watching the Philladelphia Eagle vs Dallas Cowboys game earlier this month, Captain Morgan put on a quick, subtle "guerilla-style advertising campaign" that got pulled off just as fast by the NFL. With intentions of promoting brand awareness, Captain Morgan were to offer 1oK in charity donations to Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund for each time a player was caught on camera imitating the branding pose.

When Philladelphia Eagle's player Celek struck the pose after scoring a touchdown, NFL noticed and was not amused. Resulting in a 15-yard penalty for demonstration during the game, NFL was prompt in notifying Capt. Morgan and the charity that such type of advertising promotion will not be tolerated. Read more about it.
A different type of advertising in action: Jason Sadler, 26, a former marketing professional who made a job of being a human billboard. Offering to wear a t-shirt of any company for a day and using social media tools to promote the company, his own company was launched.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Billy's Bakery

Satisfy your sweet craving with a delectable cupcake, muffin, or pie at Billy's Bakery. Walking in from busy streets of Manhattan, its interior is quite charming & comfy with the feel of a small town bakery. Watch the cupcakes being frosted as you savor your own-a perfect place to relax & chat or pickup desserts for a baby shower or birthday.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The "art" in "heart"

"Herb and Dorothy" is a documentary about Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, an ordinary couple with a serious art addiction. Their story is fascinatingly simple. He was a postman, she was a librarian. They spent her salary on the bills and his on the art. They would only buy affordable pieces that they could carry, fit into a taxi, and into their one bedroom apartment.

Thus started their massive, priceless collection of over 4,000 pieces including works from Sol LeWitt, Carl Andre, Julian Schnabel, Jeff Koons, and Richard Tuttle, Donald Judd, and Richard Long. With national museums and galleries bidding millions for their collection, the couple decided to donate their collection to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. It was, afterall, the first museum they visited on their honeymoon.

It took the Gallery three months and five 40ft moving trucks to transport the collection from the Vogel's tiny apartment. 1,000 pieces are at the Gallery and an additional 2,500 pieces are to be distributed as part of Vogel 50x50, fifty pieces for fifty states. So concludes the Vogel's lifetime pursuit of their heart for art.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Galleryhopping Chelsea

In the mood for NYC galleryhopping? Visit Chelsea W25th St between 10th & 11th Ave.

Filled with individual galleries featuring ongoing solo and group exhibitions, most of the buildings on the block are freely open to the strolling public.

Some of the recent installations and photographs exhibited at the Marlborough Chelsea Gallery, including Will Ryman's A New Beginning, 40 large sculptured roses with various insects and other objects such as a cigarette butt, crushed Starbucks cup, and bag of chips (with the nutrition facts carefully painted on the back):

Monday, November 2, 2009


Happy November! My sincere apology for the long hiatus from the blogosphere. Shirtisfly has kept quite busy under the radar including:

Clayspace Show in Brooklyn where I had a chance to meet fabulous creative people who made beautiful ceramics as a hobby or full-time and the privilege of bringing home two of my many favorites: an owl soap dish ceramic piece and a cleverly crafted avocado salt shaker!
Thank you V for the invitation and all who made the show possible!

Earlier this year, our lovely Song of Songs shirt was featured on etsy:

And of course, the official launch of our Shirtisfly Pintsize edition of onesies and toddler tees on our updated website!

Thanks to all shirtisfly fans & friends for the love & support online & in person. Stay tune for more updates & entries!