Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rei Kawakubo

Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo of Commes des Garcons (french for "like the boys") is collaborating with Louis Vuitton to celebrate Vuitton's presence in Japan for 30 years. Rei is also creating an anticipated one-time collection in collaboration with H&M set to launch this November.


Lindsay Phillips singing "You Won't Relent", wearing Song of Songs. The lyrics of the song and the shirt are like two peas in a pod and Lindsay makes 'em fly! See more of her music clips on her myspace.

Click on the pic to see her play:

Equally smitten by photos sent in by shirtisfly fans & friends:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lincoln Kayiwa

Tell me a little about yourself.
I was born in Kampala, Uganda in 1979 and now I am currently based in Helsinki - Finland. I just graduated as a Master of Arts from the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH in December 2007. Upon which, I started my own limited brand product design company KAYIWA - an epitome for novelty, aesthetics, functionality and environmental friendly design.

How do you promote your work?
Since I just started the company, I am really greatful for the Internet for enabling my work to be accessible to many.

Where is the most interesting/exciting place you've been?
Hmmm...there are many contexts to consider. However, I know where I want to visit next – Tokyo...